💡Feature Idea: Open links in Desktop App

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I personally like the desktop app for mural - as it removes Mural tabs from the other open ones in my browser.

Sadly all links sent / shared with me can only be opened in the browser - and as they do not have any information where in our Company Mural they are located I need to sign in in the browser to open the link to then see the desktop app under "Your recently opened murals".

It would be great if a "Open Mural link" could be added to the menu of the desktop app - or maybe even an URL handler so that mural links links can be opened with the desktop app directly.

I am working on a MacBook and get most of my links via MS Teams Chats - so if that already exists somewhere else it would be great to add to this combination too...

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  • That would be a great feature for using the desktop app on mac! 🤩 I really prefer using the app but for every link I get I have to use the browser

  • I'd love that as well. For the moment, as a temporary solution, I paste the link into an open mural in my Mac app then double-click on the preview created. It will then open the mural link in the app! 🤓

  • I´d love a feature like this so much ☀️.
    I have a very slow workflow because of that issue - I try opening a mural link from.. say MS teams. It´ll open the mural in a browser. There, to help mural recognize I was "active" in the mural and openend it not just "by accident", I´ll click somewhere. Otherwise it sometimes won´t get marked as a recently opened mural. Then, I switch from browser to desktop app, go on "recent" and re-open the mural in the app. Becomes a bit frustrating from time to time 😅