⚡️⚡️Quick tip: Guidelines for creating useful templates

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Creating high-quality templates isn't just about looks: usability is key. The practitioner needs to be able to work with the template as is, on their own, and facilitate a successful session with their team.

This checklist of guidelines covers the basics of template creation, and provides tips to help you create outstanding templates.


Is it easy to identify if it's the right one for my need?

Example: The purpose and outcome is clear from the name and description.


Is it easy to use?

Example: It's clear where the activity starts and ends.


Is it visual and playful?

Example: Elements are aligned and there's consistent use of typography, color, line styles, etc, throughout the design.


Is the size of the text and other types of content optimized for different zoom levels?

Example: When zoomed out main headings can be read for easy navigation and all sticky notes are default size.


Is it easy to adapt to your needs?

Example: It's easy to adapt the instructions, the size of the to fit more participants, and there are no fully transparent elements that are hard to detect.


Are there helpful examples of what a typical solution looks like when completed?

Example: There are blank sticky notes or text elements available where participants can add their answer, and relevant example of answers for the exercises.


Is the template using universal language for instructions?

Example: Using universal plain language so instructions are easy to understand for everyone. Language should be inclusive and appropriate to avoid anything possibly controversial.


Does the template aim to be accessible for people of all capabilities?

Example: Provide sufficient contrast between text and background and use thickest line option and font weight available.

Check out this retrospective template for inspiration on how to design attractive templates that are easy to use!

What are your biggest challenge when designing new templates?