💡Feature Idea: Export/Import a MURAL in JSON format

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Example 1: Backing up MURAL boards

I love using MURAL boards to drive team projects or run workshops. However, once the activities are over, I don't need to MURAL boards cluttering up my workspace. But I don't want to delete them. I wish I could make a backup copy, knowing I could import it back into MURAL if needed.

Also, I experiment with different layouts etc., and I wish I could grab a snapshot of a version of a board, knowing I could import that version back into MURAL if needed.

Example 2: Sharing MURAL boards

For a recent conference presentation, my team wanted to make example MURAL boards available in GitHub. The only way we could do it was to download our boards as PDFs and then share that in GitHub. That meant that anybody who wanted to run with our sample MURAL ideas would have to manually create their MURALs from scratch based on how our PDFs looked. Yuck.

I wish we could have exported the sample boards in JSON format and then put that in GitHub. That way, anybody who liked our idea could grab the JSON files from GitHub and import them into their own workspace.

Example 3: Analyzing information in a MURAL board

Our team was using workshops with MURAL to collect input for a variety of initiatives. After our information-gathering workshops were over, we needed to download all the input everybody gave us for analysis. So, we used the existing download-to-csv functionality, and created a script to post-process the results

P.S. I guess XML would be an ok format too. But JSON seems to be more popular these days. (To be honest, even HTML would be better than the current options.)

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  • The export to a format that could be imported as a mural would be really helpful. I work in the Disciplined Agile Coach development community, and would like to export and post murals where other coaches could access and import for their own use.

  • spackows
    spackows ✭✭✭


    We could certainly use the new MURAL API to implement JSON import/export functionality for ourselves.

    However, I would argue: that's a lotta friction. Getting an apikey is not straightforward, and not everybody is going to want to implement their own scripts.

    Having something in the GUI that I could click to import/export is still a legitimate need, I believe.

  • A backup for your Mural will be beneficial. For instance, imagine that you need to close your account and open a new one; you don't want to start from scratch. If you have a backup that can be restored, that will be helpful.