💡 Feature Idea: MURAL needs GitHub integration

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Example: Sharing an informal, sample MURAL board publicly

For a recent conference presentation, my team wanted to make example MURAL boards available in GitHub. The only way we could do it was to download our boards as PDFs and then share that in GitHub. The annoying thing about that was that if we made changes to a sample MURAL, we had to export it as a PDF again and upload it to GitHub again.

I realize there is the "templates" functionality in MURAL for sharing, but there are a few problems with that:

  • It's kind of formal, which is off-putting
  • It's a closed system

For quickly sharing something informal with people outside your MURAL account, making it a "template" is not a good option.


Teams use GitHub for sharing things all over the place, these days. The fact that MURAL doesn't have a GitHub integration is a strange gap.

P.S. If you could even "export" a MURAL in JSON format and the import it, I guess I could manage the GitHub sync part myself. See: Export/Import a MURAL in JSON format

P.P.S And if there was an API, I could automate syncing with GitHub. See: MURAL needs APIs

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