💡Feature Idea: Direct link to folder

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What I want to be able to do: I want to be able to share a link to folders or even sub-folders within a room. I imagine it being like the room share button, but would allow you to choose a specific folder (or folder with nested folders) to share / embed elsewhere.

Problem I am trying to solve: Business partners losing mural links across multiple features / projects. The way our team uses mural is for each individual design team to have their own room, the problem lies in that we have hundreds of murals now lol! I think the folder idea solves to this by being able to share a single, persistent mural link that will be the folder I put every mural created for the project in.

Why this helps everyone: Advancing the way we share rooms and folders allows not only for a scoped permissions aspect within a room, but it allows for the organization systems folder create to be managed more directly.

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