Wonderful Wednesday - Save Time Introducing Yourself!

Gino Mural Alum ✭✭✭
edited January 2022 in Mural Product

As a facilitator, in my murals I always want people to know who I am, or who they can turn to if they get lost.

One little way I do so is by adding a picture of myself to my mural, but WHY OH WHY does it take so long to find my headshot in my files! And THEN I have to create a text box for my name and who I am.

Who has that kind of time!?

What I have done to help me save time (and trust me, it has helped me more times than I can think!), is to simply save my headshot, name, and title, to my content library so I can easily reuse it time and time again!

Check out this quick, but powerful tip in the video below!