Templates without auto-editor joining?


After recently publishing a Template i noticed something very odd. It turns out the mural isn't copied but instead email notifications started to pop up about people joining the mural i made template from. And they become editors!

Turns out all they did was preview the template.

I consider this as a bug that should be fixed asap. I guess a weekly notification of who previews/used the template would be nice but i definately don't want random people coming to edit my template!! Especially as i have customized my original for team use.

As a temporary workaround... would there at least be some way to script an automatic editor->viewonly for new joiners? 😆



  • PedroD
    PedroD Mural Team mod
    edited January 2022

    Hey there, thank you for reaching out!

    Could it be the case that the mural was not published as a template but rather shared as a mural itself instead? If you publish a mural as a template only you (the creator) have the ability to edit it - but if you share it as a mural, the people who join may have editing permissions based on the link you shared. You can check this on the mural's share menu,

    Let me know if you are still having the issue! Thank you!

    Have a nice week


  • stenW
    edited January 2022

    I'm 100% sure it was created by Publish as template command inside the "TMPL_xxxx" mural in my personal room.

    Only thing that i can think of that could have an effect is that i had shared links to the mural before Publishing it.

    Some week ago, while waiting for you to react ;), i decided to test to Duplicate the original mural, delete the old and renaming duplicate something slightly different. But today i again got email notification that a user had joined the "TMPL_xxxx" mural -- the one i has already removed from my room. I can click the link in email and see the mural...with some 30+ random company users that i'm sure my original link was never delivered to.

    And as i mentioned, the first two joiners i asked for details -- they said all they did was preview the template in the list. They had not got the link from somewhere.

    I now also did an additional test: i moved an element in the TMPL_xxxx mural and then created a new mural based on the template. It did NOT have the change in it. So it seems the two are indeed separate murals but somehow the preview function in Template list causes users to be added as editors to the "orphaned" mural (instead perhaps as a temporary viewer to the template.

    Well, at least i now have a team-template that we can "team-adjust" without having strange editors dropping by. I guess i'll in future make a Duplicate before Publish as template and then drop the duplicated.

    But you still clearly have a bug which i would think you should be able to replicate.

    You could also add a option for Areas to specify that we do NOT want them to be included in a Template. Or rather in the Publish as Template dialog a checkbox list of Area labels to exclude.