A collection of just 23 bugs


I have since we started using Mural found at least the 23 bugs/oddities listed below. I have emailed some of these earlier but was asked to put them here. I put them in one question as i didn't notice a "break n french-lines into multiple-questions" feature on this site and you haven't got a mural to put them in....

Let me know if any of them are unclear by referencing the number. Otherwise i hope to see fixes soon. :)

1 Templates created from a "Template" mural causes any previewers to join the source mural as editors. We would expect it to be a copy as we might wish to modify our copy for internal use. Make it an option to copy!. Also ensure that copies of template won't have creator as owner!

2 Send to back doesn't work for lines.... like background arrows to guide box movements in a kanban style diagram

3 Folder boxes takes unnecessary vertical (and horizontal space). Minimize row hights to fit all text on the row. Also, the folder boxes should be reorderable by Room admins.

4 Mural name should be shown in full in mural's top-left corner. Reduce font size at least to a limit instead of cutting. The "Created by" can be shortened to Creator: and right-adjusted. If needed at all.

5 in Outline present mode the link buttons activates only when clicked on the very left side of button. And not even then always.

6 All shapes doesn't support adding Links. For example the hexagon.

7 Sometimes stock images are not shown to others. Sometimes clicking on one makes it start working, but waiting days doesn't.

8 Would it be possible to enter edit mode in a sticky by simply double-clicking? Now we have to click once first or we'll get an added sticky on top of existing one.

9 The exported pdf has many bugs. When converted to PowerPoint with adobe's tool, some the text and stickynote box gets disconnected with text on transparent movable outside colored box. Colors are not kept. Selecting all and trying to resize everything causes disaster with everything stretched terribly. Of course it's possible it's Adobe's fault.

10 The Absorb function doesn't absorb everything within the area. It seems to not like boxes within other boxes. So it just doesn't include them. For example a preconfigured KanBan area when added to Contents Library only gets the upper left parts. 

11 when right-clicking the mouse tracking doesn't work as expected. Cursor position is take from where menu selection was instead of where i right-clicked.

12 When copying a big Area and pasting into a new mural, the size is much larger than expected and trying to scrink the whole pasted thing causes it to zoom into the very left upper corner and making panning impossible and even crashing.

13 Unconnected lines are never becoming part of a Area in full. Only the starting point moves with it which other end stays in place!

14 Link adding doesn't work for links ending with / . Manually removing it is boring...

15 Sometimes one can adjust box size only horizontally. Dragging corner + then adjust width works.

16 with -> in a sticky's text it should never linebreak after between - and >. Could even convert into a nice arrow.

17 when moving a connected box to other side of it's "pair", only one end automove to other edge but not the other's.

18 When grouping a stickit and an image, the Link option disappears from toolbar! It should be possible to edit it at least as long as there is just one link in the group.

19 Selected Lines should NOT move as whole by default, especially when connected (or near) at at least one end.

20 When someone (accidentally) starts editing a box with link, the link button stops working. It would be good if it could still be used -- especially when the link isn't being edited!

21 Images used as background suddenly becomes foreground if put in an area (perhaps with image partially outside). Not even send to back helped.

22 Why doesn't mural put copied (selected) objects onto clipboard in emf format? I would expect copy paste to powerpoint or email to work reasonably.

23 When selecting many items to add to Contents Library, it complains that snapshot can't be created. But the adding still works. Maybe no point in showing error message....



  • Linds
    Linds Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    Hi @stenW ! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all those down - it must have been a labor of love!

    With help from @PedroD who works on our amazing Support Team, we've looked into your list and wanted to share some insight.

    1. What you are describing is indeed working as is expected, when you create a mural from a template you are creating a mural - not a template. This would be considered a Feature Idea!
    2. Possibly a bug! Looking into it now 🐛
    3. Another Feature Idea!
    4. Feature idea again!  
    5. Looking to you for more information and context on this one, please!
    6. At this time no shapes allow links to be added
    7. We want to research this one more - is the issue bing images or images on the mural? It's unclear!
    8. As of right now, this is the way that it works. Double-clicking an unlocked sticky note allows you to edit it. If it's locked then you have to unlock it first to edit it. Hope I wasn't confusing; let me know!
    9. This seems like you are describing an issue with ppt, not with MURAL 
    10. This is expected behavior; areas will not absorb other areas or frameworks (also areas)
    11. We want to investigate this further, might be a bug ! 🐛
    12. This is also expected, not all canvases have the same size; but the area does keep the same size in all murals - you would need to adjust the new mural size, not the area size 
    13. Ooh this might be a bug, too! 🐛
    14. Hmm. It's not typical that a link ends with "/" ... we were not able to reproduce this :/
    15. This is working as expected only for shapes, not sticky notes. Please clarify for us: do you mean sticky notes? or shapes? Or both?
    16. Feature Idea!  
    17. We are unable to reproduce this - might be a bug ! 🐛
    18. Feature Idea! A lot of us here agree with you though! A workaround you can use is adding a link before grouping!
    19. This is the expected behavior of lines, so another Feature Idea
    20. This is also expected! If a link is broken it won't work .... let us know if we misunderstood!
    21. We aren't 100% that we are understanding this one. A suggestion is to change color of the area to a solid color? Let us know if you tried that!
    22. Probably skirts the line between Feature Idea and bug 🐛!
    23. Gotcha! That message is displayed to set expectations - Feature Idea!

    My action items are to send the buggy ones over to the Support Team to investigate further - I'll share what I know asap! Hope to hear from you soon on some of the clarifying questions. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for feedback. Counter-comments:

    1. You mixed up the order.... It's not about the murals made FROM a template. The problem is that persons reviewing a template causes them to be added as editors to the mural that was used to make the template. I guess they aren't actually able to access the mural for editing and their murals made from the template would probably be separated. But i don't want to get notified and see them appear as editor in the mural i'm having.

    5 in Outline present mode the link buttons activates only when clicked on the very left side of button. And not even then always -- So when in presenting outline the cursor works on the link button only when clicking the very left part of the button...and often not on first click but maybe if you are lucky on second attempt. It seems the hittesting is off at least on some zoom level

    7 The images pane show image ok. Once on mural it often shows to the one adding but others may not see. Sometimes the image can't be seen on the mural even by the adder. Some users report that clicking on the automatic link button to show it in full makes it appear on mural. But some ppl never see...

    8 If you just suddenly double-click any sticky you get a new sticky on top of it. I need to select it first, then double-click to enter edit mode. Double-clicking on a object should never add a new one at top of old.

    9 I will do some more testing... but i believe you might produce somewhat invalid pdf...

    14 Optimal links actually should end with / according to some persons. But now i tried again and now / ending link was accepted. I clearly couldn't get a pasted url to stick earlier. Perhaps you fixed it already ;)

    15 I think this was actually about an Area "box"... but i can't remember the details so lets let it be. However, a feature request came to my mind: Please let us preallocate height also for Text areas. I know it grows with text and enter, but often i wish to reserve space for a larger one than for the intial text. Also, a scroll/page/tab feature would be nice in Shapes -- now if text is too large it just disappears beyond the edge until you resize. Maybe a full-text popup when cursor on top?

    16 first part still a bug to me...

    17 i admit it's hard to reproduce. It now managed to reproduce it once with two stickies connected to a mid-one... while moving both "outer" stickies over the mid one. I can live with it... What i would suggest would be to move the connections to other side about half as early -- now you need to move to more than twice the sticky's size outside it before it reacts, while clearly intent should be clear already after going over a stickie.

    18 Yes, workaround is fine if no need to frequently update link (ungroup+edit+select+group)....

    19 I'm just saying that when grabbing near the end of an connection i do expect it to rather move the end instead of whole line and disconnecting other end. Should show a different cursor to indicate if i got the end or the whole.

    20 you slightly misunderstood.. it's not wrong... Even if they would be changing the sticky's text i would still like others to be able to click the link to for instance open another mural. This was a non-usability case when we wanted about 10 persons to visit a linked mural but they couldn't until the editor returned from his coffee break! Might also be related to the misalignment of link button hittest problem or so -- he might have missed the button and ended up editing....

    21 you misunderstood. To reproduce try this: make an area, fill it with an image inside, add some stickies on top of image, accidentally move image slightly outside area, move it back and suddenly the stickies are covered even if image sent to back... Actually a feature idea came to my mind -- let us specify a background image for Area.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2021

    Sorry, but to me it's really hard to follow discussions of 23 topics in a single thread. I would gladly welcome if it wouldn't mind you (@stenW) if you created separate feature requests and discussions posts for each one of them.

    This would invite others to understand better and discuss with you and to follow the discussions. And the title of the thread "23 bugs" could be misleading (at least it was to me) because most of the things are more feature wishes than bugs in my opinion.

  • stenW
    edited December 2021

    @manuel I don't see much to discuss. They already identified 6 clear bugs, are investigating others and.. fyi, i have clear feature requests in another entry -- that time without numbers. If that one needs to be discussed i might break it up. I might consider re-introducing some of these for discussion if i find time and see a good reason.

    I also suggested they would have public Murals instead... but guess it could get messy and their feedback features aren't very advanced yet (comments without threading, no turnable/tabbed/scrollable/openable stickies), and some users might start messing around (hard to track as no autolocking/user-locking or even who-changed tracking, nor even hightlighting of what's new)....

  • 2 Send to back doesn't work for lines.... like background arrows to guide box movements in a kanban style diagram

    This looks like it's still a bug or feature limitation. Any update on if this is being considered for a fix?