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Mural feature ideas:

- Add a pptx export functionality. Of everything and make slides based on Outline / Areas.

  • Add a Area Option to enforce aspect ratio of it to match a normal screen /ppt slide

- Import from pptx function to load slides (with editable elements) and automatic add to Outline.

- Consider a pptx-following feature (for files in Sharepoint etc) to get slide images/views updating in mural widgets. Same for web pages snaps.

- Make Copy work all the way to Powerpoint and other apps.

- Stickynotes should support a separate header line in bigger font or at least let us use apply multiple font sizes

- Stickynotes could, once, automatically enlarge n% after m characters/words, then shrink font size. Show a back-to-original-size button shortly.

- Add Comment should automatically lock to (first) underlying object they relate to. Also add threading support to Comments pane so it can contain many discussion.

- Could we get a dynamic widget that contains mural users in colored boxes with name/email, and a customizable text field. Also add a feature to assign stickynote to person by changing it's background color to match/select from list with name&color.

- Add support for tags connected to edge of stickynotes, such as small rectangular colored box in user's color to suggest they would take a kanban item.

- Area control is a bit weird. Sometimes when trying to click something inside the area gets selected (and easily moved). Suggest Area options to disable move/resize, disable editing contained stuff and hide from certain set of users

- Let a Company provide their own standard colors in a subsection above the Custom colors or as defaults for Custom.  Also add a feature to share custom colors.

- Make user's color in mural be picked from Company colorset so user's color (icon mid-bottom-screen) can be matched to stickies meant for the user such as in a kanban diagram.

- Area rectangle should never cover text in stickies. We should be allowed to have notes on the line.

- Make Auto-zooming work as intended for presentations. We expect a outline selection/navigation to fill the screen and blur any objects going outside the area until a scroll!

+ Add a option of shared mural link that hides specific Areas or tagged elements from certain user groups (such as a autogroup of create-time users) showing "Not visible to you" box instead. 

+ Let us enter "mailto:[email protected]" links 

+ Link button could enlarge itself temporarily whenever cursor is nearby. Also it shouldn't say "Open Mural" statically. Let us change the button text and display web page icon when available.

+ Let us provide more than one link, displaying a popup menu when button (with a > indicator) is clicked.

+ Please add a position-lock-only lock option, allowing text editing.

+ An empty stickynote with a mural link could display a snapshot of the target mural in the box. If text then typed, ask if user want it overlayed or not.

+ Add a highlight-for-n-hours feature around to new/editied elements. Like a glowing border or sparking stars that slowly fade away over hours or days, or if personalized shortly after the user has cursor nearby over 5 second (and mark with a small dot at edge how many have visited the element). Different color for new and edited. Maybe also optional tracking of movements?  

+ Add to Area options to cause all objects added inside to get a specific default color -- fixed or one that automatically changes by day. Also add option to get a automatic create date into a sticky's upper-left corner (small font, MMM.dd). Maybe also creator initials. Example: "SW Dec10"

+ Add a Mural-level option of emailed/person-popup change bulletin. Hourly, daily, weekly. Top n persons making changes to an Area.

+ Add a automatic backup features. Into a automatic special Folders (small icon) or a separate feature. Version control!

  • give users, or at least owners, option to recall old texts of an element. Sometimes accidents happen and texts gets replaced by nonsense. At least previous value would be useful to be available to anyone.

+ Add a option for TWO columns or pages (with non-intrusive indication (extra line) & navigation (small corner button)) within a sticky.

+ Add option (or default) that adding a node near mid-point of a mindmap should NOT copy Border. It would be best to have a dedicated mindmap-middle-control with text, image, rounded corners and a small options button.

+ For images, let us mark them as background ones that ensures it never cover any other objects than other images. Also add tuning feature so they can be used without taking over. 

- Allow conversion from square to rectangle by resizing with ctrl down.

+ When adding a link from an box, could it pick format from other existing links instead of from parent? For example in mindmap the root box's format isn't suitable for the elements connected to it.

+ Making mural smaller doesn't always work. It's like it has some weird enforced margins at right and bottom edges.

- make it easy to connect two existing boxes with C. Now joining to an existing will replace target's text with ccccccccc (fortunately undoable)

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  • drewan
    drewan Mural Team mod

    @stenW Great list, thank you for sharing it! Are the items in any particular order?

  • stenW
    edited December 2021

    @drewan thanks. They are not much ordered, just stuff i have typed down as we took your tool into use.

    If you mean a prioritisation i would say the big showstoppers in a sense now is the export-to-ppt, caption line into stickies and the highlight of changes ones. Users find it hard to see which sticky is what when its font get small (and we want to keep standard size), they complain that they can't easily see what has changed since last they looked and management still is looking for powerpoint and we would love to be able to reliably just export.

    Thinking a bit more about sticky caption/header i think it would be best to make that a stickie Details feature. So work as now but with the option to add details underneath in a smaller font, keeping size of normal/header/caption text reasonable and shrinking only the details as needed -- with options of scrolling/tabs etc.

    The mailto: support in links would also be nice to have soon.

  • A lot of good ideas, what I miss most is

    • Add a Area Option to enforce aspect ratio of it to match a normal screen /ppt slide