Jan 7 Web release: Reactive suspended members, rotate grouped objects, and find popular templates

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
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January 7, 2021

Reactive suspended members, rotate grouped objects, find popular templates, and squashed a bunch of bugs 

New Features 

🆘 Easily reactivate suspended members from the Company Dashboard

Company Administrators can reactivate members who have had their account suspended by simply clicking a button on the Company Dashboard. Suspended members can also trigger an email to alert their Company Administrator from the suspended account page they see when trying to sign in. 


✍️ Create more accurate drawings

We’ve improved the smoothing algorithm for drawing so that it is easier to draw certain shapes such as rectangles and right angles.  

🌀 See image loading progress when entering a mural

When entering a mural, you will now see the progress bar on images as they load. 

🔄 Rotate grouped objects

Now, you can rotate a set of objects that you’ve grouped into one element. However, if an area or framework is part of the grouped objects, you will not be able to rotate it. 

🔎 Find useful, relevant templates more easily

Instead of showing the most recent templates when creating a new mural, you will now see the most popular templates first. 

🗄 Clearer file names for exports

The mural name is now the file name when you export so you can more easily find the exported file. 

Bug Fixes

🦟 When changing the font size of a group of text elements, the group handle would sometime stop working.

🐛 When switching the format of a group of sticky notes, the sticky notes would sometimes move outside of the area.

🕷 When changing a sticky note from one with a drawing to one with text, the font toolbar would not always appear in the expected location.

🐜 The bounding box of a group would not always be updated when grouping text boxes and then changing the text in one of them. 

🐞 Arrows would not always connect from the border of a sticky note or shape when creating it when using the “C” shortcut.

🦟 When using the Find feature, the areas that contained elements from the search results would incorrectly cover other content.

🐛 When room names were too long, the name wouldn’t be displayed correctly on the settings page. 

🕷 When favoriting a room, more than one room would sometimes be highlighted.

🐜 When selecting a mural in Safari, the selection box was not visible. 

🐞 Sometimes User ID codes appeared instead of names in the avatar menu, cursor, and follow notification.

🦟 The loading spinner was broken when saving content to the content library.

🐛 Links to comment were not always redirecting users to the correct place in the mural where the comment is located.

🕷 When resizing text inside an area, the text would sometimes disappear.

🐜 Visitors with view only permissions couldn’t pan with mouse mode when clicking and dragging over an object in a mural.

🐞 Arrows that were connected to a group would incorrectly reposition when resizing the group.

🦟 The top bar would sometimes disappear when pasting a video or mural link in Safari.

🐛 An object’s URL field would sometimes break when typing the letter “c”. 

🕷 Visitors were not able to open links from objects inside a mural. 

🐜 Copying and pasting an area inside another area would sometimes cause the pasted area to be hidden.

🐞 The option to hide/show captions was not being displayed for links.

🦟 Newly added room members could give administrator permissions for that room. 

🐛 When a visitor was the last one to modify a mural, the visitor’s name was omitted from last modified information. 

🕷User IDs sometimes appeared instead of users’ names in the avatar menu, cursor, follow feedback, and elsewhere.

🐜The loading icon sometimes broke when saving content to the content library.