💡Feature Idea: Workflow and admin authorizations for Templates

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1. What you want to be able to do in MURAL

In a company environment it's great to have an active community. And I would like to encourage people to contribute and publish their murals as templates for everyone else in the same workspace easily. But quite often people publish their murals as templates for everyone in the workspace without a) noticing it b) without being conscient of that c) without sticking to some basic "rules" and requirements (at least not to all of them) e.g. language, design/color scheme, use of company logos, including instructions, using areas and the outline, giving a clear meaningful title and description etc.

Therefore I wished there were more authorizations for company admins, e.g. being able to edit a template that has been published by someone else and maybe being able to unpublish a template or at least hide it while working on it (in spite of you can work around this by deleting it and contacting the originator to be invited to their original mural etc.).

Probably it would be helpful if there was (an optional) workflow started when someone presses "Publish as a template". Then a someone who is responsible for templates in that workspace would be informed that there was a new template and they could check it and then finally publish it or contact the creator of the mural about the "requirements" to be fulfilled.

It would be great if company admins could turn this workflow on or off. Off would just mean that it works like now.

2. The problem you are trying to solve

I would like to see consistent templates (from a Corporate design and usability point of view) that are meaningful and can easily be used by everyone in the same workspace.

3. Why this helps everyone (or many people)

When there are many people in a single workspace, it might quite often happen that something is untintentionally published as a template and "unfinished" templates (i.e. ones that do not comply with design, instructions, outline use etc.) might frustrate lots of users because they see and try the templates, but they might not be "user-friendly" to them.

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