Jan 28 Web Release: Bulk edit objects, easily identify facilitators & stay focused in Private Mode

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited June 2021 in Product Releases

Bulk edit objects of same type faster, easily identify facilitators, stay focused during Private Mode, and bug squashing 

New Features 

🎳 Bulk edit objects of the same type faster

Now, you can easily select only objects of a certain type. Simply select a group of various objects and then choose the type of object to filter by from the toolbar. No more clicking individual objects to select only one type of object. Now, you can edit all of the selected objects at once. 

🔸 Quickly switch between shapes and sticky notes 

Simply click on a sticky note or shape and switch it to any other sticky note type or shape from the object’s toolbar. 


⭐️ Easily identify the facilitator with a star

We’ve added a star next to facilitators’ names on their cursor so that collaborators can easily identify who the facilitators are. Now, it’s even easier to know who to ask for help, permissions, and more. 

🕹 Stay focused during Private Mode without seeing collaborators’ cursors

MURAL will now automatically hide all cursors during Private Mode to keep things truly private and help participants focus. If the cursors were being broadcasted before Private Mode started, ending Private mode will switch them back on automatically afterwards.

🔎 Find useful, relevant templates more easily

You will now see templates sorted by popularity when browsing the templates tab in the dashboard.

🎉  Celebrate is back to its original confetti

While we’ll miss the snowflakes, the party continues with MURAL’s original celebration confetti.  

Bug Fixes

🦟 When uploading an HEIC file, users wouldn’t see the alert letting them know that HEIC file type is not supported by MURAL. 

🕷 Two avatars were sometimes showing for a user when joining a mural via a visitor link and that user was a registered member of a different workspace.

🐞 Non-facilitator mural administrators could unlock locked content in a mural from the developer console. 

🐛 When trying to move an element while still editing another, the mural would sometimes pan.

🦟 When pressing Ctrl + C, the letter “c” was added to a sticky note instead of copying it.

🕷 When holding and releasing the C shortcut to add a new connector, the letter “c” was added to a sticky note.

🐞 Deselecting curved arrows by trying to click near it was not performing as expected.

🐛 Selecting an area or framework would sometimes not be possible when clicking near the border.

🦟 When navigating back to the dashboard from inside a mural, users were being taken to “all murals” instead of going back to the room from where they opened the mural.

🕷 User avatars within the mural were not always being properly displayed.

🐞 Free trial users were able to create confidential rooms, which is a feature currently only available to enterprise customers.

🐛 Murals that are modified by a visitor omitted the “last modified” information.

🦟 Adding a OneDrive link would sometimes result in a lost connection.

🕷 DropBox integration was not appropriately enabled through company settings.