Is there a way to edit where your outline navigation goes?

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I have set up a mural with outline navigation to each activity on my board but ended up adding steps and reordering things a bit so now my navigation is going to the wrong places. And one zooms in way too close. Is there a way to edit the zoom area for each step in your outline without deleting and creating new ones? Each of my outline steps have lengthy instructions so I don't want to start over

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  • lisadroberts
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    The template used may have locked the area or items associated to outline link. When I have run into issue in created outline:

    🔑 I have ability to unlock area as a facilitator

    🗑️ I delete step, then proceed to recreate with contents wanted

    Even better if we could see content linked highlighted in Mural, so know what to change. Enhancement would be to allow Outline editor to right click content to add or remove elements included.

    • Assume the following outline links to Title box only, can we highlight to show users?
    • I want it to show the entire area for this section (and yes I know I can re-create Outline link to rectangle then delete existing link)


  • Hi, your outlines should have created an area box around the items you grouped in the outline. If you edit the size of this area box (by grabbing and dragging the lines, shown in blue below) it should automatically adjust the outline to the new section.

  • ehanson
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    @Pranish I'm editing on top of an existing template and the area boxes are only showing for a few elements. I'm clicking all over and can't find the blue area box for the elements that are giving me a problem. Any trouble shooting ideas to find the area box? I was able to use the solution you mentioned for the elements where the area box shows but can't figure out what to do with the others