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You all know this situation when re-visiting a board: "Those 3 words sound like full of potential, but could mean so many things. How did we actually mean it back then?"

The other day I was discussing with a colleague how much we should write on each sticky. She insisted that no one wants to read long texts, so we should keep to a few words only. I insisted that I need to write as much as it needs so that nobody needs me explaining my stickies.

I thought: "Why not both?" - we are digital, so we can exceed the boundaries of physical whiteboards!

Here's the idea: stickies with 2 sides: one side a summary, the other the explanation. While brainstorming you just put the catchwords, the summary on it. But when explaining it to others, you can flip the sticky and add the long text for it. That way the explanations are not lost, but part of the Mural.

You could flip either single stickies, or you could flip the whole board between the modes: summary or explanations. That way you can easily revisit boards and read the short text to re-activate the knowledge you have buried in your brains, and read the details on the stuff that you forgot or that you never got explained, without being dependent on the person who wrote it.

This would be awesome for onboarding new project members, and for revisiting workshops.

What's your thoughts on this? How do you guys solve that today?

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  • Kaizen
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    Presentation/facilitation: allows for exposing additional information when ready. Facilitator can ask questions or go deeper on a concept by flipping the card to review more details.

    Students: Who doesn't love flashcards for memorizing new concepts or definitions. This will allow the user to categorically organize cards with either the label or description exposed and when ready, can flip the card to verify their answer.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2022

    Something like double-sided "Cards" have been requested once or twice before, so I agree :-)

    For example here: https://community.mural.co/discussion/508/feature-idea-flippable-cards-notes. Feel free to join the discussion over there as well.