💡Feature Idea: Jira Tickets status synchronisation in Mural

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Hi Mural Team,

I would like to propose an enhancement to Jira-Mural integration. Once the Jira ticket is imported to the Mural user can see the status of the ticket - InProgress, Done etc., but this status is not updated when is changed in Jira. You need to import once again the ticket to see the actual status.

As a user working with Mural in a way that I can interactively work with teams in mural on tickets I would like Mural to reflect current status of Jira ticket.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭
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    I imagine this might work well with (the maybe upcoming) "tags" on sticky notes feature. This way one could maybe sort and filter stickies by their tags?!

  • @manuel do you mean that tags on sticky notes should be also synchronised with Jira?

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Yeah, wouldn't that be cool/helpful if sticky notes' tags could indicate the status of the Jira item and if we could sort sticky notes by tags in MURAL?

  • Honestly, the lack of synchronization is a fairly major drop-off. We use Mural for story maps and it's important for our stakeholders to see project progress "at a glance". If we communicate that a set of stories is complete, we then have to either manage stakeholders who see no change in status in Mural or manually re-import tiles. It's all a massive waste of time that would be solved by a full integration.

  • Sad that you cannot see the accurate status as per the item in Jira. The integration is only able to send and then we need to query back which creates duplicate sticky notes to get them into the board which requires replacing that what is on it. Why do we have the status shown in Mural for those which are sent if it is not updated to what is in Jira? This creates inconsistent information as the item's status is updated as per the progress made in Jira. Would it not be great to have the means to perform a refreshed sync of the linked item when needing the updated information from Jira, even if it is a manual action?

  • For me, it would be enough if, on re-import, it updates the existing sticky. It does not have to be automatically done.