Quick tip: "This meeting could have been a mural!" 👩🏼‍💻

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We spend (too?) much of our time in meetings. We all agree that some meetings are productive, but all meetings require a lot of energy from the participants.

There is a different way to get things done and avoid some of the meetings, or at least minimize the time we spend in meetings.

Serious heads down time typically happens when meetings are ✨asynchronous✨. By leveraging visual collaboration we can co-create and build on each others ideas without having to schedule a meeting!

Here's how you do it:

  • Prepare a mural for the meeting (or create a mural from one of our templates)
  • Instead of scheduling a meeting, share the link to the mural with your team and ask for their contributions asynchronously
  • Once everyone has added their ideas, cluster and identify key themes, and share back the result with the team

Try running your next brainstorming or project kickoff async with our ready to use templates.

Async brainstorm

Generate and prioritize a large quantity of ideas together.

Async project kickoff

Create alignment and build relationships for a new project.

Think about the meetings you have coming up this week, which of those could be done asynchronously? Let us know in the comments!