Feb 18 Web release: New Facilitation Superpowers make working together more fun and interactive

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited April 2021 in Product Releases

New Facilitation Superpowers make working together more fun, interactive, and easy.

New Features 

❤️  Show some love to facilitators and fellow collaborators with Reactions

Add a fun human element to your collaboration sessions by sharing your feelings visually in a mural with select emojis, including the option to choose skin tone. Let your fellow collaborators know how you feel by choosing a 👍, ❤️, or 🎉 at the bottom of your screen. Facilitators can toggle Reactions on and off from the avatar menu, so Reactions can be turned off for more serious moments. 

🐯 Add an element of fun and surprise to collaborative sessions with new visitor avatars

Choose from three sets of visitor avatars, including animals🦖 (default), musical instruments 🎶, and travel icons🌍. Facilitators can pick which set of avatars to use in their session from the mural settings menu.

💻 Embed a view-only mural into wikis, Confluence pages, webpages, and more  

Members can now embed fully navigable murals into different destinations. People who consume the embeds will be able to navigate and zoom in read-only mode from wherever they are embedded.

🖼 Resize the canvas from all sides

Resize the MURAL canvas from all sides to accommodate all of your collaboration needs. Effortlessly control the size for easier navigation during a workshop or creating a high quality mural for clients with a more finished look. Scale up the canvas to easily expand work whenever you need it. 


📌 Keep your connectors in place

We’ve made it harder to accidentally break the link between connectors and other objects when navigating through the mural.

🕵️ Be confident you're working in Private Mode

We've added the Private Mode icon to content you're creating while in Private Mode so you can be sure it is not being seen by others at that point. 

Bug Fixes

🐛 Thumbnails sometimes failed to load properly in the Content Library resulting in a “broken image” icon. 

🐞 When recovering a grouped set of objects from the activity feed, the group would incorrectly appear in the top left side of the mural.

🕷Arrows that were close together would both move when trying to move one.

🐞 Objects were not being absorbed into areas correctly when dragging an area over certain elements. 

🦟 When duplicating an area, the area would automatically absorb any elements below it.