March 11 Web Release: New laser pointer for facilitators and easily make connections between objects

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited April 2021 in Product Releases

Fun for cats and collaborators: introducing a laser pointer for facilitators, easily make connections between objects, and we shoo’d away some bugs

New Features 

🔦 Highlight specific elements on a mural with the new laser pointer 

Facilitators can now easily direct focus with a laser pointer, which can be activated by holding down the “H” key for “Highlight”. As a new tool in MURAL’s Facilitation Superpowers™ feature set, it’s a clear way to draw focus to specific parts of a mural, mimicking the same spontaneity of an in-person session that feels organic and fun. 


📇 Add team and role information to your profile for better recommendations and organization

Now you can input your team and role information to your profile or through a prompt in the dashboard. We’ll use this information to surface relevant templates and learning content. It will also ease set up and organization for company administrators in the future. As always, your data is safe in MURAL and we never share it with third parties.

🔆 Connect lines and shapes more easily

When using the “C” key shortcut and hovering over an object, the four connecting points will be displayed to make it easier for you to connect to them. When clicking and dragging the end of one connector over an object, you’ll also see this new feedback. When connecting objects via connector points, the arrows will intelligently rearrange when moving one of the objects.

🔹 Quickly switch between all shapes, sticky notes, and text boxes

We added more shapes in the switch type dropdown so you can now easily switch between all available shapes, sticky notes, and text boxes.

Bug Fixes

🐞 Users were encountering an error when trying to create a new mural in a workspace with no rooms available.

🐛 A selection was not correctly displayed when selecting multiple objects at once and starting the selection inside of one of those objects. 

🐜 While drawing, you could not see all of the drawing in real time, showing the entire stroke only once you stopped drawing.

🦟 Incorrect information was shown in the CSV download for a certain billing group. 

🪲 Visitors link settings changed for a mural that was duplicated.