!!NEW!! Interactive workshops happening this week hosted by MURAL Playmakers

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod

In case you missed our exciting announcement last week, we’re testing a new beta program with access to live, interactive workshops hosted by MURAL Playmakers.

Who are the Playmakers? Innovation designers who inspire, coach, facilitate, and teach collaborative methods and new ways of working to enterprise teams around the world. 

These workshops will cover a wide range of topics including visual thinking, design thinking, innovation, virtual facilitation, and more!

These are hands-on, limited access learning experiences that won’t be recorded and can only be experienced LIVE, so be sure to check out the schedule and reserve your spot before they fill up at playmakers.mural.co!

💥 Interactive workshops happening this week:

Tuesday, January 18

⭐️ Starbursting: Exploring Solutions by Asking Questions hosted by Jessie Shternshus | 2pm - 3pm ET

Wednesday, January 19

⛰ Liberating Structures Foundations hosted by Annie Hodges from Voltage Control | 11am - 12pm ET

🌻 The Yes-And Effect hosted by Sunni Brown and Shannon Stott | 11am - 11:30am ET

🌱 Identify the Roots of a Problem hosted by Chris Pacione from LUMA Institute | 12pm - 2:00pm ET

☀️ "Yes, and!" Brainstorming hosted by Jeff Eyet | 2pm - 2:30pm ET and 4pm - 5pm

Thursday, January 20

✨ Magical Meetings Quickstart hosted by Voltage Control | 10am - 11am ET

Friday, January 21

🌱 Identify the Roots of a Problem hosted by LUMA Institute | 11am - 1:00pm ET

Learn more about each session and reserve your spot here 👉 playmakers.mural.co ‍👈