Intro to MURAL Training!

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If you're new to MURAL, welcome! And welcome to the MURAL Community. 👏

If you haven't looked around, please check out the New in Town tag for a tour and some helpful hints to get you started here.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to post them here in the MURAL Community!

Looking for some training resources for MURAL? Learn how to collaborate online with MURAL and other collaboration platforms you use so that your projects are engaging, impactful, and fun. You'll get hands-on practice using MURAL during our live training sessions where you can:

Can't join live? Watch the videos on demand!

  1. Watch 'Introduction to MURAL' (60 mins)
  2. Watch Running Meetings and Workshops in MURAL (60 mins)

Plus, get the template for this session so that you can follow along, practice, and re-use content thanks to the content library. 📚️

Want more?

Check out these essential resources for new MURAL members participating and/or running meetings and projects.



  • Just signed up for MURAL community and this discussion post is so helpful!

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    Ward Mural Team mod

    As promised...for those who attended the July 6th live MURAL training, thank you for the dessert recommendation. I had a lovely piece of fruit (green apple!)