⚡⚡Quick tip: Four steps to get started with async work

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What if you could spend less time in meetings, all the while not giving up on the co-creation aspect of team work?

Doing more work asynchronously before the meeting not only helps the team have a more valuable conversation in the allotted time, it also helps members who process differently share ideas making the ideas you discuss more diverse and more deep. More productive meetings, more empowered teammates equals momentum and relationship building.

Async work doesn't come naturally to everyone. The good news is that it is a skill that can be developed over time.

Next time someone says they aren't good at async work, try these four strategies to help everyone build those async muscles:

  • Create async agreements with your team at the beginning of a project to define tools and expectations
  • Schedule time in your calendar to reserve time to do the work async
  • If people haven't done the work when you meet, give them 15 minutes and reconvene
  • If you have persistent people not doing async work, schedule a working session with music where everyone work individually in silence

Ready to try working async right away? Run a brainstorming session async using our async brainstorming template.

What questions do you have about working async? What tips would you give to someone who would like to start doing more work async? Share in the comments!


  • @Emilia loved this tip: "Create async agreements with your team"

    Setting/clarifying expectations is one of the most important things before working on a project async!

  • Cool thanks, I have gathered our experiences here:

    Best Heico

  • Hey @cooks13! I don't see where you gathered your experiences? Eager to take a peek! 👀 Hope you had a great wknd.