March 17 Web Release: Introducing collaborative diagramming and mapping made easy

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited April 2021 in Product Releases

Introducing collaborative diagramming and mapping made easy

New Features 

🏎 Enable connector points to diagram at the speed of thought

Connector points allow you to create diagrams and maps faster than ever. Simply toggle on connector points in shapes and connectors on the sidebar. Now when you click on any shape in a mural, you’ll see the connector points around the outside edges. Hover over a point to preview the next suggested shape in the diagram. Simply click to add it. 

💪 Visualize hierarchies and organize diagrams beautifully with elbow connectors

We’ve added elbow connectors to compliment our straight and curved connectors. You can easily represent parent-child relationships and wrap lines around other objects for clearer, more beautiful diagrams. You can access them from shapes and connectors in the sidebar or by clicking on a connector and switching in the object toolbar.


💥 Combine the power of connector points with the “C” key shortcut

If you’re a power user of connectors, you’re probably accustomed to pressing the “C” key shortcut to create a new arrow by clicking and dragging on the canvas or between objects. This shortcut will now work when you have connector points enabled.