💡Feature Idea: Copy Word table into Mural board

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I want to copy a table from Word into a Mural board. Can't find a way to copy the table in so it is editable. When I import the file the text is blurry. 

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  • Hey there @Rhonda222! Thank you for the question! I made a little video to make sure I understand your question. It sounds like you want to create an editable grid in MURAL using existing content. You should be able to copy and paste the content into your mural. You will then be able to edit it.


    1. Open you doc
    2. Copy the text in the table
    3. Paste it into the mural
    4. Group it (control g or right click) so people can edit it without moving things around

    You can change the style of the sticky if you are doing it for a presentation. It takes a few extra steps using alignment tools.

    Here's a short video:

    There is an active feature idea around Easier Grid Creation. If you are interested, please go vote! Also, if you want to know how to build a grid using connectors, @Gino did a lovely video on just this.


  • Hi Amanda

    My question is more about being able to copy the table as a whole and be able to edit the table. In our example we have lists in each table cell. We would like to be able to edit the lists within each cell. We're not looking to copy the text onto sticky notes although that would also be helpful.

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    Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification! That would be need to be a feature idea. There are two that may interest you being voted on already and might meet your needs.

    💡Feature Idea: Embedding spreadsheets into murals

    💡Feature Idea: Table

    If not, please do submit one. Here are some instructions on how to do so! Our product team regularly reads the ideas.

  • Thanks Amanda. Yes the table feature that's being worked on would be very helpful.

    The other problem we have with copying the Word file with the table into Mural is that it is very blurry and is extremely difficult to read on the Mural board. There is the feature to open the Word file however it saves the file onto each individuals PC. We want people to be able to put sticky notes on the table in a brainstorming session. To do this they would need to have the Word file open in another window and work across the two screens. If the table was displayed clearly making it possible to read it on the Mural board would make it much easier to work with.