April 8 Web Release: UX enhancements

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited June 2021 in Product Releases

UX enhancements and a bunch of bug fixes 


🐯 Preview visitor avatars  

Allow users to see a preview of all the avatar sets in the mural settings menu so they can make a more informed choice about which set to choose. 

🗳 See results from previous voting session

Now, whenever you enter a mural, you can see the voting results from previous sessions even after you’ve left and re-entered the mural. The results can be accessed in a bar at the top of the mural. 

📏 Replaced “Edit Mural Size” with “Edit Mural Settings” 

Changed “Edit Mural Size” to “Edit Mural Settings” when a facilitator right clicks on the canvas of a mural because mural size isn’t the only value included in that modal anymore.

📑 Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) is now available

This report assesses MURAL’s current state of accessibility. It is a critical early step to achieve our goal of building an accessible platform and informs our roadmap. Our Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) can be found in our accessibility statement


Bug Fixes

🐞 The list of collaborators who are following the facilitator was not showing when clicking on the modal shown when Summon or Take Control were being used. 

🐛When pressing the spacebar while in drawing mode, the mural would not pan, and instead would continue drawing.

🐜 If two or more facilitators are looking at the modal to start Private Mode at the same time and one of them starts Private Mode, the modal would disappear and trigger Private Mode for both of them.

🕷 Presentation Mode, editing, and navigating the Outline aren’t available for facilitators when another facilitator uses Take Control.

🦟 When collaborators are summoned, the sidebar would remain active. 

🐜 Export button wasn’t disabled on Private Mode.

🕷 If a mural is duplicated while in Private Mode, the new mural would be in Private Mode when it’s first created.

🐞Outline entries would rearrange incorrectly when steps were rearranged quickly.

🐛In the list of a members in a mural, the member name would flicker when passing over the names. 

🐜Content deleted in Private Mode with anonymous authors couldn’t be recovered via the Activity Feed.

🕷The screen would flicker when you enter a mural that’s in Take Control mode.

🦟 Loading would take longer than expected when creating a new mural. 

🐞 When selecting one object and then quickly selecting another one, the toolbar would flicker.

🐛 When trying to drag an element that was near the edge of the mural, the mural would sometimes get resized.

🐜 Customers on Starter and Plus plans were incorrectly shown a checkbox to create a confidential room when creating a new mural.

🕷 Guests were sometime able to navigate to the templates section in the dashboard incorrectly.