Import cells from Excel as stickies in Mural

edited January 2022 in Mural Product

I looked all over Community for how to import a range of cells from Excel into stickies. Finally found the answer here:

Adding this link in case anyone else is looking in Community. Mural, please put this where it is searchable. Thanks!


  • I created an account to comment that this is a lie :) it does not work as Agustin describes it at all!

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    @amykerr10, thanks for sharing the link! I'll pass your feedback to our team.

    @alma65- it definitely may take a moment to get things down- it's new for us, too! 😉 Keep us posted if you have tested it and recommend any places we can add the info Amy has shared.

  • This doesn't work like described! It just pastes the excel cells as an image to my mural.

    It would have been an nice feature!