Anniversary celebration template

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The Anniversary Party template offers an enjoyable way to celebrate with a larger group (20+ people) of people in about 1-1.5 hours. The template could work for a smaller group, but the chaos of a larger group will probably make the party more fun. 

When to use The Anniversary Party template?

You can use this template when a significant milestone is achieved or an anniversary of a team or company. The session is structured to create a fun experience and capture the significant histories and gratitudes within your team or company. 

How does The Team Canvas work?

Video demo:

There are 9 key parts for the session:

  • Reception: Welcome everyone, grab a drink from the party and take a seat 5 mins
  • Ice-breaker (draw your party attire): Draw themselves and how they like to dress to parties 5 mins
  • Musical Chair Game: The more players and chairs involved, the longer the game will take. 10 mins
  • Speech: Have the team lead or a guest to speak a few words to celebrate the achievements 5 mins
  • Collaborative timeline: Add milestones, high/low lights, team event photos, team member join/leave dates to the timeline 15 mins
  • Find the party crashers: Identity who are not from the team on the team member photo wall 5 mins
  • Photobooth: Take a group photo and start decorating using the photo booth props 5 mins
  • The Kudo wall: Thank each other and capture them all in stickies. 8 mins
  • Party retrospective: Gather some feedback about the party you just hosted 5 mins


  • Bananner_MURAL
    Bananner_MURAL Mural Alum mod

    I thought I made some wild and creative murals, but @Sandy this is amazing! I would love to connect with you and learn how you built this one! So many details I can't decide if my favorite is the bar or the people on stage.

  • Happy to chat, @Bananner_MURAL and always happy to connect with people at MURAL. 😊 DM me if you'd like to have a ☕️chat.

  • @Sandy, this is so cool! I love that you made this, that you like to recognize people, and that you thought to share it with us 🤗 Thank you!