💡Feature Idea: Allow templates to be organized in folders

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I want (multiple people) to be able to organize mural templates into folders, potentially within a room.

Individuals in our Agile Coach community of practice create many great murals, and when we save them as templates we want to be able to organise them in a way that is visually navigable, and allows us to link to a folder of templates (not only searchable through a template search).

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  • We would love this! For us, it would be helpful to have it at the workspace level, but if it could be at the room level, that would work, too!

  • juliep
    edited November 2022

    yes please, we already use and love the feature of folders in the rooms. But we are still missing a solution for a better overview in the self-published templates. It's a mess right now :( would be super helpful if you could develop something to structure templates better