💡Feature Idea: Add ability for participants to see if when Private Mode ends authors are revealed

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When a Mural facilitator is going to start Private Mode it is presented with the option to reveal authors or not after Private Mode ends. However the rest of the participants on the Mural can't tell which option the facilitator selected. It would be great if once the Private Mode begins, there is a banner that tells participants whether authors will be revealed or not when Private Mode ends

I have been in situations in which the facilitator is requesting anonymous candid feedback from participants, but accidentally choses the option that reveals authors after Private Mode ends when that was not the intention, but participants have no way of knowing until Private Mode is over and by then it is too late.

Also it seems like the dialog defaults to the "Yes, show authors..." option which is how the facilitator can easily pick this option if it is not paying attention. I would argue that keeping authors anonymous is a more common scenario and I would make that option the default.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I think, every participants gets a popup where it's described in the text that the results would remain anonymous when the facilitator has selected that option. Do you wish for this info to be stated more clearly, permanently visible while private mode is active or for something else?

  • I cannot recall if the popup has that information, that is a great start and I'll pay more attention next time. But yeah, I want the info to remain available during the entire duration of Private Mode, as most of us quickly disregard popup windows we have seen before.