Goodbye for now!

Linds Mural Alum ✭✭✭

Dearest MURAL Community, 

This is by far my least favorite part of the professional experience: 👋 the goodbye. 

As of today I am no longer Linds the MURAL Community Manager. I have learned so much and feel immensely proud of the work I was able to do here. Launching this community forum from scratch has been a true highlight and honor of my career. 

It’s really only a “goodbye for now” because I plan to continue to follow the progress and fun that happens here in the MURAL Community. 

I’ll miss the team but know you are all still in excellent and capable hands! I have loved getting to know all of you, and I’ll be back soon to say ‘howdy’! 🤠

Lindsay O. 


  • Lindsay,

    Congrats on your new adventure and best of luck! The MURAL Community would not be what it is today without you. I know we'll keep in touch, but you'll be dearly missed by MURAListas and MURAL Community members! ❤️


  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    @Linds All the best to you from Germany! Thank you for helping to build a beautiful community.