1 mural only, for a full-day workshop?

Hi everybody,

I want 6 workshop participants to be able to jump back to content they produced (i.e. sticky notes they filled with text etc.) some hours earlier during a full-day-workshop. That's easy if everything (!) created during the day is on the same mural. As far as as I can see there's no easy way (at least for "visitors" who aren't used to Mural) to switch forth and back from one mural to the other - so it would be better they stay on the same mural during the whole workshop. Is that true and intended?

Related question: If everything is on the same mural the Outline becomes quite extensive and lenghty which is not very helpful to navigate. And a hierarchy makes things more complicated. Is there an easier solution?

Another related question: If everything is on the same mural I'm highly dependant from this mural not crashing because many people perform many activities on it during six hours. Do I need to be afraid of this event?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best, Thilo

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    @stenW, that is a great tip and @Thilo, thanks for the question. I use the search functionality a ton for gathering this type of understanding.

    I would suggest giving people their own areas around the mural. You can expand the mural size to accomplish this. Once you do it, you can organize those areas at the top of the outline. This was they can find their name and pop to their area quickly. With 6 people, this makes navigating straightforward.

    Re - A lot of times we assign specific colors at the beginning of a session to each member. This allows for you to quickly sort by color more effectively than last modified by.


  • All changes by a user is easily highlighted by means of the Search tool. It took a bit time for me until i noticed it, the magnifying glass, in the upper right corner. Just check the user(s) (or background color) and other elements will be grayed out. Zoom out to see them all.

  • Hi Sten and all,

    thanks for the answer, Sten! I checked, and there are two obstacles: the search tool also only searches on 1 mural, not across several murals. And I'd like the participants to look at former results of the entire group, not only of their own notes.

    Good hint, though. I never used the search tool before because I'm the only one moving around in this workspace, so far :- )

    Cheers, Thilo

  • I withdraw the comment: "And I'd like the participants to look at former results of the entire group, not only of their own notes." If I use the search tool I can tick all boxes in the "Last edited by" section, and I should see the input of the whole group.

    But still, I wouldn't be able to see the input in let's say a specific area.

    Thanks again!

  • You're welcome. You can ask for features for the search (so i don't have to later). Things like selecting all search results, exporting them as some summary or view-only virtual mural, and global features such as search all murals linked to from the current mural (and display results in an dedicated remote-mural view Areas (which i also have requested), pdf summaries etc etc :)