What's one thing you wish you had known when you first started facilitating with MURAL? β›‘

Beth Community Professional admin
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Hey all! New to MURAL, and I'm so excited πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡ to dive in with my participants using MURAL.

If you were me, and you were just starting out, what's one tip, trick, or word of wisdom, you wish you had known before facilitating your first session on MURAL?🏫


  • ChristianP
    ChristianP Consultant Member ✭

    Grouped shapes are still individually text editable so you can make some really cool type in templates.

  • Jonelle
    Jonelle Sr. Content Strategist Member ✭✭

    Hey @Beth! This is super general, but in some of my first sessions I was quickly reminded that collaborative editing and writing is not comfortable for everyone right away. Some people can get very stressed out when a bunch of stuff starts moving on the screen at once! Of course, structured templates help, but I think it's always good to levelset with new participants at the beginning ("this is a collaborative tool, it will be messy and sometimes confusing, don't worryβ€”the point is just to share your ideas").

  • Beth
    Beth Community Professional admin

    @Jonelle You're so right about that levelset. I've also been finding it helpful to share a MURAL ahead of a meeting (when it makes sense to) so ppl can dig in and comment beforehand. It's intimidating to leave stickies while people are actively watching! I super dig Private Mode during collaboration sessions for this reason.

  • kara
    kara Product Manager MURAL Team mod

    Hi @Beth !

    The Outline is one of my most favorite functions - it helps keep me organized even if my mural gets a little messy and keeps me on track (along with the timer!) when facilitating sessions.

    For a mural my team uses during a weekly meeting, I populate the outline with each weeks date, so I have a running track of notes that's easily navigable.


  • Beth
    Beth Community Professional admin

    @kara 🧠⚑❣️ "I populate the outline with each weeks date, so I have a running track of notes that's easily navigable." This is such a great idea!

  • Bettina
    Bettina Innovation Strategist Member ✭

    I would have liked to know from the beginning that I cannot specify colours for stickies on the murals. I often work with groups and when I prepare stickies, I lose the information about who created which card, because usually the cards are reordered again by the facilitator, etc. I don't know what colour the stickies are.

    I find it super important to define the colour of stickies on a board, e.g. when using World CafΓ© approaches. It would be even better to let different groups work on one mural and you could determine the colour of the cards for each area!

  • kara
    kara Product Manager MURAL Team mod

    @Bettina We're working on this!

  • petefleming
    petefleming Trainer Coach Member ✭

    When working with people who have little or no experience with MURAL, make sure you give plenty of time for them to get comfortable with the basic controls & tools. Especially how to zoom and pan around the board, These actions seem like second nature to those of us who have used the tools before but can be super-frustrating to those who are starting out.

    People who struggle with the controls will often feel embarrassed which distracts them from whatever you are trying to get accomplished.

    Point out the "βš™ Zoom settings" button in the bottom right of everyones screen which will allow them to adjust their settings and is a place they can reference anytime they forget how to maneuver around.

  • LyndaBaker
    LyndaBaker Facilitator Member ✭

    "Design at 100%" so that stickies are in the right proportion to the design. How did i miss that? Thanks @marktippin for that advice!

  • lorna182
    lorna182 Writer Editor Member ✭

    Oh wow @Beth - I didn't know about Private Mode! I'm definitely getting this back to the team

  • lorna182
    lorna182 Writer Editor Member ✭

    Oh wow @LyndaBaker @marktippin does that work? Designing at 100%? Designing to proportion of Murals has always been a weakness

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