MURAL Dashboard - Mural Snap Shot does not show the diagram

Good morning,

I recently copied a template file over to my private MURAL room and notice that the diagram of the mural is missing in the Snap Shot view. When you open the file, it is there, but I would like to see it in the snapshot view. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I did notice that the second mural file, posted to the right of the one of the left, had been blank and now displays. Perhaps I just need to give it some time to process?


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  • AizaMarie
    AizaMarie Mural Alum mod
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    Hey @sjustan10 my name is Aiza from the Support team. Thank you for reaching out! Your hunch is right. From time to time it takes a while for the preview images to load. This could be caused by a drop in your internet connection or if there are big image files on the mural, it takes a bit longer to show the preview. 😊 Hope this helps.