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We use the voting feature in every workshop we run. A few suggestions to improve upon:

  1. When attendees are using a visitors link, it would be useful for facilitators to be able to view the number of visitors who are voting as is possible for members and guests.
  2. A more obvious way of showing people where they've placed their votes before the results show up i.e. a red outline around the image/sticky note.
  3. An option to make voting sessions anonymous or known in order to see where each person placed their votes.
  4. An option for attendees to view the progress of voting sessions i.e. a percentage bar of how many have voted or are yet to vote.

Thank you for your consideration!

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Hi! I'm sorry, but for some of those requests I don't understand why the current solution is not sufficient. Could you explain more about your requests, please?

    Currently it's like this:

    #1 You can look at who is voting (with icon and name and how many votes are left) by user (member, visitor, guests) at the top bar right on top of the mural canvas.

    #2 Agree, named votings would sometimes be helpful.

    #3 Everyone can see something like "5 votes left" in a bar right on top of the canvas.

    So I think, you might have wishes for some details or a different design that I would like to better understand :-)

  • #1 only works if you are all live at the same time. But it's not helpful if you are collaborating across time zones and asking people to vote at different times

    #2 Yes, it would be nice to be able to see what I voted for and then be able to re-prioritize something if I see something else I'd rather vote for.

    #3 Sometimes it's helpful to be able to see who voted for something, so you can ask them to clarify further or provide more detail

    #4 This ties to #1 for me. Again, I have people voting across multiple time zones.