Session in 12 hours — can't get Zoom app to work


I just did a test with two visitors (or so I thought), to use the Mural Zoom app. They are unable to access the tools. They see the mural I shared, but the tools cannot be used.

So, I'm scrambling. I have 35 people from one company coming in roughly 11 hours from now, and what I thought would work does not.


I just tried to use the website version of Mural.

I sent one of the test users an invite to access my first mural on the Mural site. She had to set up an account. Now she is a MEMBER, not a visitor. I can't have 35 members under my account. I doubt they will want to go through this process.

Back to the Zoom app.

I believe to use the Zoom app, they will have to get approval from the IT manager, and that is likely not possible at this point.

Both test users could not install the Mural Zoom app, getting a message to contact their IT admin. This is their private computer, and they have no admin. Weird.

Not sure what to do now.


Given my descriptions above, please advise if there is a way to make this work, and that I'm just missing something obvious.

My impression was that if I set up the Mural Zoom app on my desktop Zoom client, all users (visitors) had to do was be invited, and they'd be able to accept the invite and start working.

Please tell me what I did wrong, and how to save this situation.

Thank you!


  • Hey @Jroberts, thank you for this detailed report. I'm submitted a ticket yesterday. The team is busy investigating right now. If you'd like to see the ticket, please let me know, and I will add you to it. Thank you!