💡Feature Idea: Add a pub-sub Area variant

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To let us provide parts a Mural into other Murals view without letting the others get access to the whole mural, would you soon add a Publisher/Subscription functionality into Areas.

Lets call M_A a subscriptor mural and M_B a publisher Mural (or other kind of source). We can't let M_A users get access to anything of M_B other than a (set of) Area(s), and we don't want to copy the area into M_A nor provide it in yet another Mural as we want all our stuff in one place.

- When starting to edit an Area's Label, provide a dialog with options as follows:

- Area Type selection list:

- Normal Area... you know, the traditional kind

- Publish. Asks for a companywide/global/team-specific pub-sub Name.

- Publish In Mural. Let you choose a Mural that you have at least Viewer right to and add the subscriber-Area outside right broder of the target Mural(s).

- Subscribed Area... by name provided on publish side. If you are owner of source/publisher mural you can also define accesses in subscriber mural.

- Publishing access options: Hidden,Requestable,View for all with viewer/editor/other access.

- A Source definition

- Normal Area (default, or section hidden when not applicable)

- Limited resolution Area snapshot subscription. Just a snapshot that can't be zoomed. Gives user a quick overview of for example the size of a mindmap or item counts in a kanaban.

- PPTX/PDF/Word/other file viewer. Single scrollable image? With Prev/Next page, bookmark feature (1...10,+) etc on subscriber side.

- PPTX/PDF/Word/other file's Page/Chapter etc. Repeat to show all pages wherever subscriber want's. Autodetected inserted slides and adjust to keep slides as they were? Automatic [+] appearing on areas when there are nonsubscribed additional pages in source -- click to add first unshown. 

- Sharepoint/Google Cloud etc file viewer. With Prev/Next page, bookmark buttons (1...10,+) etc.

- Source options: default zoom level and position, Page, starting page, snapshot/update frequency (Manual,5 min, 10 min, 15, 30, 1h,2h,4h,8h,Daily HH:mm), credentials when needed etc.

- Border of such areas should clearly show what they are. For instance border with ^ symbols on Publisher and v symbols on Subscribers... and double-line border. Maybe even border animation when publisher is changing something, one of border lines turning silver when someone is looking at a subscribing Mural.

- Users may have ability to click on subscribingArea to request access -- with Comment and "i know it's approprate to ask" checkbox.

- Edit-access should come in two flavours -- Edit Texts (no move and add), Edit with Add, and Full Edit. Of course restricted to inside Area.

- Subscriber would get copy of source Area's label and background color by default, but editable.

If edit support is challenging the View-only would be a great feature already.

For now i'll have to copy to show our customer what we want them to see.

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