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Hi everyone!

I'm pretty excited to share my first template with you. Being my first one, your comments will be much appreciated.

For those who don't know, 1-2-4-All is one of the most known and used techniques from the Liberating Structures collection. I decided to come up with a template of my own since I haven't been able to find one on Mural.

Within 12 minutes, this template, allows you to facilitate a session where you can engage everyone simultaneously in generating ideas, suggestions, and alignment in a topic when there is not much consensus.

I would like to know if the instructions and the template itself, are clear and easy to follow for everyone.

Looking forward to your comments!

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  • I cannot wait to use this in my next brainstorming session! Thank you so much @guzaraya. Looking at the instructions, they make a ton of sense to me. I like how visually you have people moving left to right and how you use areas to demonstrate how people are to collaborate.

  • Awesome! And thank you 🙏 for your feedback @Amanda.

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    Love this, thank you for sharing @guzaraya! Sounds like something that @kellylovestype could find really useful too as she was asking about ways to encourage brainstorming.

  • Benji
    Benji Mural Alum mod

    HI @guzaraya , it's already looking pretty good.

    I guess I would add maybe an example under the instruction before the space for the actual exercise, like a small version of your framework with some filled stickies. So that if people are not totally sure what to do, they will understand seeing an example. But this is "polish", it's already great like that :) good job!

  • Bananner_MURAL
    Bananner_MURAL Mural Alum mod

    oooh I really like this layout! I've seen a few versions of this concept have struggled with navigating the mural design but I like the simplicity of this one! Also your instructions are clear so that even if it's someone's first time with this method, they'll get the hang of it right away. Great job!

  • @guzaraya I've seen many ways to structure a canvas for 1-2-4-all and this is by far one of the best! You should submit it in the Template Ideas channel! You have my vote 😍

  • If you want to submit it for voting, let me know! I can move it over for you to the ideas category!💻⚡

  • Hi @Emilia! Really appreciate 🙏 your kind words and your vote on it 👍️. Made my day!

  • Hi @Amanda! Thanks for your support! Since we have @Emilia's blessing 😅, you can go ahead and move it to the ideas category.

  • HI @Christina! Thank you 🙏 This is an awesome exercise to improve or build upon others' ideas as a group.

  • Awesome @Benji, thanks for your input. I'll try a few iterations on your idea.

  • @Bananner_MURAL you are a rockstar 🤘 I really appreciate your words! Give a HUGE kiss to your pup 🐶😍 for me.

  • Alright! I have moved it into Template Ideas, and it is open for voting!

  • Thank you! I'm so new I can't figure out how to download the template and give it a test drive 😂 Could someone please provide some guidance? Thanks so very much!

  • Hi @KatieWimmer thanks for your interest! Here's the link to the template 👉️ https://app.mural.co/template/45cabde7-16f7-4e1d-ac66-f9289b79503d/74e7e574-9cae-4bcd-a453-14d9d664af16

    Once you get there, look for a big gray button that says "Create mural from template" and that should do it.

    Let me know if you need more guidance 😉

  • ishyakay
    ishyakay EDU, Student Ambassador

    I love this template! I think it would be especially useful for brainstorming sessions because everyone will be sharing their ideas and the environment will be very welcoming. In situations like these, people are not afraid to speak up and the best ideas come out. This is a great way to make sure that everyone's voice is heard and nobody is overlooked. Great template!