Any experience / tips for using Mural for diagnostics?

A client wants us to support them with a diagnostic session for 300 midlevel managers to find out their learning needs around a specific topic.

We have been using Mural to successfully transfer so many of our physical presence experiential learning exercises and would like to try using it for this diagnostic session as well - dreaming of a hybrid approach with a kick off day in smaller groups and then leaving the board open for 2 days or so for harvesting inputs and clustering etc.

Any experiences, tips or ideas?

Looking forward to hear from the Mural community!


  • Benji
    Benji Mural Alum mod

    HI Elvira,

    I would say that if you have 300 people, probably having 2 or 3 Murals might be better ( depending of the amount of inputs you would ask them )

    on top of the sync kick off, it might be good to add small Loom links on these Murals ( short videos where you explain what they need to do , show them how to do it ).

    The idea is that they would work async but they still " see you " as much as possible, even if it's recordings.

    I experimented a design sprint once with 60 people, mainly async, only sync time to vote or choose or stuff like that.

    I would say 85% of people were doing the job async at least so it was good.

    You might add 1 hour here and there with them maybe for clustering for example and to keep an eye on what"s going on.

    From what I experimented, if there is enough explanations on the Mural + videos and that it's clear during the kick off what they need to do , usually people will do it async. It's really about making sure that there won't be heavy roadblocks that they would not be able to overcome without you. ( Sorry for my English haha , hope it makes sense ).

    Curious to hear how it's going :)