💡Feature Idea: Logical Data Modelling Arrowheads

What I want to be able to do: I want to be able to select arrowheads on the relationships which are used for logical data modelling. These arrowheads convey additional crucial information around relationship optionality and cardinality (many-one / many-many).

The ARTS data model (example at https://www.omg.org/retail-depository/arts-odm-73/Logical_02110.jpeg) has great examples of what I am looking for, including:

  • three prongs, crossbar and a circle = many / optional
  • three prongs, crossbar, no circle = many / required
  • no prongs, crossbar, and a circle = one / optional
  • no prongs, crossbar, no circle = one / required

Problem I am trying to solve: I am currently unable to create even simple logical data models in Mural solely due to the fact that the relationships are too limited.

Why this helps everyone (or many people): What I am proposing aligns with global standard notation for logical data modelling, and so will benefit anyone worldwide attempting to create such a model. This would elevate Mural's capabilities as a tool for communication and collaboration.

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  • I was looking for a nice data modeling collaboration board, this would be a very valuable timesaver