💡Feature Idea: Private Mode - Gradual Reveal

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I have been using mural to facilitate design and retro session with a non-colocated team. I have used private mode to allow participants to develop their content before sharing with the larger group. However, I would be very helpful to allow participants to gradually share the content they have developed in private versus having it all appear at once.

Gradual reveal would allow the discussion to build upon the individual pieces of information shared and may even encourage further insights before being shared with the group.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    That would be cool! I love the current implementation for surpising reveals esp. in games, but for contributions your proposal could be very helpful to allow everyone to reveal and present their stickies before you can see everyone's. Great

  • As a regular facilitator of the retrospectives, I totally support the idea - it helps to have experience close to offline session, when people present and place their stickers one by one. And it also simplifies the life of a facilitator, as clustering is happening automatically!