Quick tip: Our 3 most popular templates for remote team building

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When working remote, one of the things people say they miss the most is the social interaction. Making time for team building can have a hugely positive effect on teams helping to build trust and motivation.

You don't need to block a whole day to do team building either. We suggest sprinkling in activities during regular calls that let your team get to know each other, relax and have a laugh together.

These are our three most popular templates for team building that are actually fun, bring out laughs and allow us to share another side of ourselves.

1 Team warmups and energizers

Answer a series of questions to learn more about your team.

2 Sketch your neighbour

Draw each other while on a video call. Practicing drawing isn't just good for your creativity as it helps you think and explain ideas, it can also be very fun to guess who's in the portraits after when you're done.

3 Favourite ways check-in

Get to know your team by discussing your preferences. You can also replace the questions and options with your own and use images.

What are your favourite activities for team building? What exercises would you like to see added to the library?