💡Feature Idea: add a detailed description box to sticky note

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A good sticky note should always be a very short sentence. But, sometimes, we need to add some 'hidden' detailed description, maybe for future reference, for disambiguation, for explanation, etc.

Today, I try using the 'comment feature' to go around that problem. I use the 'comment feature' to add a more detailed description to a stick note.

Trouble is that the 'comment symbol' is bulky and messes up all the visual appeal of the mural. Especially if it is a small stick note, than, the comment symbol covers the text of the sticky note. It's very bad!

Below, a print of the 'comment symbol' on the sticky note (see? it covers the stick note's text!)

My suggestion: to add a description feature to stick note's (maybe a right click > "add description", that open description box as a sidebar. It doesn't need to have a symbol, or, maybe, the symbol could be just a small dot on the Post It in order not to mess up the visual design of the mural and not to cover the text.

Print on my suggestion: right click>add description (opens a sidebar with a text box)

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  • drewan
    drewan Mural Team mod

    @Everson many thanks for sharing this enhancement & feature idea! I also find myself frequently using the comment feature in a similar way as you do.

    You likely are aware of this already, but I wanted to share just in case. You can move comments that may be obscuring things:

  • @drewan thanks for the comment!

    Yeah, I am aware of moving the symbol around. Problem is that they disassociate from the sticky note too easily. If I place them too close to the borders, if I move the sticky note later, they don't move together. I other words, comments can get lost too easily on the board.