💡Feature Idea: Timestamp of stickie notes

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It would be great to have an actual timestamp of when a stickie was added.

For example, let's say it's Friday and I'm taking notes in a Mural board during an hour-long workshop, user interview, etc. On Monday, I am reviewing my notes and read something I wrote on a stickie that is interesting (or perhaps confusing). I may want to go back to the recording (e.g. Zoom/Webex) of that conversation to remind myself what was said. So it would be nice to know when in the conversation I wrote that note so I don't have to parse through an hour of video to find it.

Currently if I right-click on a stickie and choose Get Info, it says something like "Added 3 days ago." This does not help me pinpoint when it was said.

Thanks for considering.

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